Windows utility.
Parses and decodes an URL following current standard (RFC 3986).
Url encoded or decodes a free text.
Allows encoding and decoding settings defined by the RFC 3986 (reserved characters choice).
Explains RFC 3986 url encoding.
Program use
Parsing and decoding an url
Select [ Url ] tab.
Enter an url, or paste it using Paste IP or url button button.
The url decoding settings can be set separately for its two parts: the part before the query and the query.
Query name/value pairs are displayed in a grid. Data from this grid can be copied.
Detailed parsing and decoding errors can be displayed.
Free text url encoding / decoding
Select [ Text Encoder / Decoder ] tab.
To encode a text, enter the text in the "Text" area, or click on its Paste IP or url button copy button.
To decode a text, use the "Encoded Text" area.
Documentation on RFC 3986
Select [ ? ] tab.
Describes this standard.
Gives more details about this software url encoding/decoding settings.
Go to UrlSpector download page.