Windows utility.
Edits two registry keys that set automatic software startup after a user has logged on.
For a full auto-starting inspection tool, see Microsoft SysInternals Autoruns External Link.
Program use
Click on [ Machine ] tab to edit automatic software startup for all users, or on [ User ] tab to edit automatic software startup for current user only.
To edit automatic software startup for all users, you need to run this software from an administrator user account.
To add an automatic software startup command:
  • Right-click on the programs grid, then select "Add Value" item.
  • Enter any text in the "Name" area.
  • Enter the path to the software to run automatically in the "Data" area. You can select the software file clicking on Select file button button.
    Most of Windows versions need the software path to be double quoted when the path contains spaces.
  • Click on Save registry key button button to save settings to the registry.
You can also, right-clicking on the grid, edit an existing software startup command or delete it.
When a row is selected, clicking on Open folder button button opens this software folder.
To save the registry key corresponding to the current tab, click on Export registry key button button.
Required user rights
Administrator privileges are required if you want to modify machine autorun registry settings.
They are not required if you want to modify current user settings.
Go to RegRunEditor download page.