Windows utility. Quick displays of a folder or file full information:
  • NTFS ACL with principal name and SID, rule type (allow/deny), inherited, propagation, inheritance type, access rules
  • NTFS owner and owner group
  • Creation, Last Write, and Last Access Dates:
    Local dates and UTC dates
    Format choice: system locale, English/US, RFC 1123
    Option for milliseconds, and day of week display
  • Attributes
File or folder selection:
  • Selected by means of a standard dialog.
  • Typed in. Environment variables are supported.
  • From the command line argument. Create a shortcut to this tool on %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo folder to see a file or folder info from the Windows explorer Send To context menu.
  • Browse into sibling folders or files (use buttons First, Previous, Next, Last).
    Browsing through drives is supported.
    Can change path to parent folder.
Any information can be copied. Context menu available on the ACL grid.
Can adjust window size to ACL grid size.
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