This software is a Windows CPU load generator. It generates a selectable CPU load on selected cores to test how a system performs under reduced CPU resources.
This software is aimed at IT professionals, not gamers. It is not a CPU stress tool. A CPU stress tool produces a 100% load on all CPUs by means of various microprocessor instructions.
  • Selectable CPU load from 20% up to 90%. Load rate is achieved by means of a regulation mechanism so it is accurate and stable.
  • Selectable logical CPUs.
  • No installation required.
  • No administrator rights required.
Screenshot for a 2 cores system.
Operating system
This tool is designed to run under Windows, on the .NET Microsoft Framework 2.0, 3.5, or 4.5.
It is probably too OS specific to be able to run under a .NET Framework port to Linux or Mac OS X. If you tried, please let me know about the result.
Using this software
  • Select processor load rate.
  • Check processors to be loaded.
The "?" menu gives a little more information.
Measuring MultiCpuLoad CPU load:
Select all CPUs on MultiCpuLoad and use Microsoft SysInternals Process Explorer External Link instead of Windows Task Manager to perform an accurate measure.
Go to MultiCpuLoad download page.