Windows JSON utility.
  • Displays JSON raw code
  • Displays JSON formatted code
    Formatting options: indentation type (none, tabulation, two or four spaces) and line break type (LF or CR LF)
  • Displays JSON code structure in a treeview
    Individual values can be copied or saved to disk
    Treeview can be expanded/collapsed node by node or entirely
  • Displays JSON code from:
    • The clipboard
    • A selected file
    • A double-clicked JSON file. This tool can be associated to .json file extension
    • This program command line argument. If you want to open JSON files by means of Windows Explorer Sent To context menu, place a a shortcut to this tool on %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo folder
  • String JSON encoding/decoding tool
This tool is not a JSON editor, although raw code can be edited. Click on refresh button to reparse modified code an see changes in treeview.
It is not intended at very large file opening. Json file size is limited to 5 MB.
It uses Microsoft .NET System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer class for JSON parsing.
Go to JsonDataViewer download page.