Windows utility.
Temporarily hides the desktop icon and replaces the background picture by a solid color.
Useful when creating screen copies for a tutorial or software documentation.
When the desktop is hidden, this software shows no visible button on the taskbar.
Hiding the desktop
Click on FullScreenBTN
This software window and its task bar button disappear.
Making the desktop reappear
Click on the desktop.
Setting the background color
Click on BackgroundColorBTN
You can set several custom background colors using the color pickup dialog.
Your custom background colors are saved.
How does it work?
No magic here. This software just displays its window sized at the screen size, without title bar, without borders, and it places its window behind the others programs windows.
So what appears to be the desktop is just this software window.
This way it does not change anything to the system settings.
Go to HideDesktop download page.