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DiamEater screencopy
On screen circle diameter and location measuring tool.
Draws a circle over screen content.
Accurate circle sizing and positionning.
Works over video.
Suited to diameter estimation on ovoid shape.
Designed for Windows. About use under Linux or the Macintosh, see below "DiamEater under Linux and the Macintosh".
Using DiamEater
History and development stage
This software was created on the request of a French amateur astronomer. He uses it with various software for astronomy, such as WinRoddier. It helps him on calibration on star intra and extra focal images. He also thinks it is useful when used with image acquisition software like FireCapture, Astrosnap, Audela, or EZplanetary. He thinks it could be useful to others astronomers, so he suggested me to publish the current version, and collect users suggestions.
The current version is an alpha version - that is a first version that will be modified and that was not tested for a long time on many systems. The first version was from December 2014.
It is an ongoing project, and it will have to be modified. For instance, it is not very well suited to small diameter measuring. I am considering the implementation of a magnifier to help on small diameter measuring. You can use it with Windows magnifier when measuring small diameters.
I am currently very busy, so I will not be able to perform any modification before this fall. But your remarks, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome.
If you report a bug, please do not forget to mention your Windows version, and the other software used with. You can use the contact form.
Using DiamEater under Linux or the Macintosh
This software was written for the Microsoft .NET Framework. The .NET Framework is a Windows additional component.
There is a port (a software rewriting for another system) of the .NET Framework under Linux and Mac OS X named Mono External Link. It was created to allow running programs written for the .NET Framework under Linux or the Macintosh. Mono was not created by Microsoft.
Also, Microsoft plans to distribute a Core .NET Framework for Linux and Mac.
But because this software uses an unusual way to display its window to make it transparent, it may not work under Mono.
I do not use Linux or a Macintosh, so I did not try DiamEater under these systems. Please let me know it you did.
Licence, Setup, and Downloading
Go to DiamEater download page.